Library of Life Lesson

If you grew up prior to the 1990’s you were subject to the Dewey Decimal System and learning the sections of the library. In some cases this could be excruciatingly painful when looking items up because to cross check meant pulling out more that one of those long drawers filled with thousands of index cards.  Then you had to actually go to the section, look up the book and hope that it was not already taken out. Today you can just input what you want and it pops up if it is in, if it is out, when it is due back, if it is in another local library, and what area it is located!


Using libraries and literary systems in some ways has become so much more simple thanks to technology. However, it other ways it has become worse. I once gave a project and my students had to give me the sites they had found their information. One group had a site that said a dolphin was a prehistoric dog. Another group gave me some information on flying mongooses (as in the bikes, not animals). Obviously they were not using the library but online sites they thought were honest.

To prove how bad sites could be I went onto Wikipedia during my class and changed their school to say Boys and Girls. It was accepted. I waited 5 minutes and then went back to the site. They laughed because when they looked it up on their phones and online it was still there!  Obviously in that 5 minutes the all boys school I was at did not get an influx of female students, yet it said so online! Point was made and understood!

Today we search online, not in libraries, because there is a world of information just waiting to be read. However now more than ever we need to be careful that the information is correct. When you read a blog it obviously has a direction via the writer. It is meant to inspire  thought, not make you turn to one side or the other. I have read some “blogs” and seen some “vlogs” and let me tell you how they are meant for pure entertainment.

There are very professional blogs out there that are helpful. You want to make sure if you are getting life help advice that it is from someone knowledgeable. Anyone can speak to their views and their situations, as I have, but it takes a professional to truly sit from a neutral point and talk real science. There are sites that promote “help” and “therapy” from people who paid $1000 for a webinar that gives them a title. That person is not the same as someone who actually went to school, had internships, and was tested in their knowledge. Let’s face it anyone can do a vlog on how to wear make up. I sold Mary Kay and was taught how to apply and find coloring. That does not make me a specialist. It takes a cosmetologist to really speak to skin type. That is not going to be from a tiny paid for seminar, that is real education and practice!

We didn’t even touch on the FICTION side yet! Oh my! Those that rewrite the world to fit their needs. For instance I have seen plenty of recovery blogs that talk about healing then go on furuther to say that if people don’t forgive you they are wrong, they are bad, they are a negative part of your life. Wait, wait, wait! You mean that if you hurt me, stole from me, made my life a living hell I am wrong if I don’t say “Yeah you, you finally stopped using needles?” NO! We are adults. You are free to make good or bad decisions. If you have made bad decisions in your past it does not make you a bad person however it does make you a person that CANNOT be TRUSTED. In truth, YOU were the NEGATIVE entity. So that good person you put down in your blog let go of you for being their negative part that they needed to expunge. Meanwhile you gloat on how good you are and they are bad.

That is what is called “Dry Drunk” or “Non Sober” or even has been called “Stinking Thinking”. These are terms are used in the recovery world to talk about people who for lack of a better term are sober of substance but not sober in thought. These are the people that jumped through the 12 steps and the 12 traditions without thought and practice for each one. They use fiction to fill in the gaps of truth to make the reader/viewer side with them. This gives them a natural high, which is not what it is about. Those that truly have the gift of help stay under the wire long enough to have at least a year in before they try to be a show stopper.

If you don’t understand lets look at Jim Bakker. He and his wife had people all over the world praying to God, being christian, quoting the Bible, and standing up for justice. They did everything they could camps, retreats, shows, TV, radio….yet… In the end the truth arose. They were good people however the intense popularity is what drove him to preach, to spout, to quote scripture. Where was his actual behavior on the subject? Well I guess he forgot that he was supposed to abide by what he preached (as many false prophets do). As they were playing all his sermons he was having some cardinal, sexual fun with a prostitute. (FYI there is no excuse for that; typical excuses like “my wife is not sexual enough” or “I needed it” or even the “I tripped and fell in” lol).

If you are going to be speaking the word it needs to be NON FICTION. You need to resemble what you preach and preach the truth. Don’t say “Yeah look at me I went to my kid’s game today”, meanwhile you have been absent from their life all year but now you want people to believe you are a good person for doing one good thing. It was good, granted that…but that doesn’t make up for the bad. When your good to one person outweights the bad to the SAME person…then it is normalized. You can’t say “Let me treat person A like trash and person B good, and that makes me a good person.” That is like saying Hitler shouldn’t be made accountable for all the bad he did because he was good to blonde hair, blue eyed germans! Really?

Be a good person through speech and through action. Be good to all. Yes you can delete the negative. Be HONEST with yourself…were you the negative or were they?…Step 4!  Do it often!

2 thoughts on “Library of Life Lesson

  1. I was born in 1996 and I was still made to learn the Dewey Decimal system in the 4th grade and 5th grade. Our school librarian didn’t believe in looking up books on the computer system even though we had a fully functioning one.

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